Standard Detail


The next level of spa treatment. This package not only restores that deep gloss shine leaving your vehicles paint smooth to the touch but also provides protection for months to come.

Standard Car $300/ Midsize $350/  Full size SUV $400

Additional $100 for Full Polish


  • Foam pre-wash, two bucket method deep clean
  • De-ionized spot free rinse
  • Touch-less air dry
  • Wheel deep clean and tire degreasing 
  • Clay bar paint decontamination
  • 6-8 month paint sealant protection
  • Detailed vacuum
  • Window deep clean
  • Tires dressed 


  • Detailed vacuum
  • Complete interior wipe-down
  • Steam cleaned carpets
  • Leather seats cleaned and conditioned (Cloth seats extracted)

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Paint Correction


Through a multi stage paint correction we are able to remove up to 98% of imperfections (swirls, scratches, oxidation and dullness). Paint Correction leaves a near perfect finish behind creating a mirror like reflection in the paint.

Standard Car $750/ Midsize $900/ Full Size SUV $1000+

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Ceramic Pro coating


Our Ceramic Coating package provides world class paint protection. This coating forms a high gloss, extremely durable, chemically bonding layer of 9h ceramic. When it comes to finding a product that is chemically resistant, a dirt and grime repellent, and provides extreme levels of gloss and water repellency, ceramic coating application is for you. Cleaning and maintaining your vehicle becomes a breeze.

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Ceramic Details

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  • 9H optically clear ceramic
  • Extreme hydrophobic properties
  • Resist temperatures from -40° F to 482° F
  • Chemical and dirt repellent 
  • Swirl mark resistant 
  • Incredible gloss 
  • Ceramic Pro 2, 5 year and lifetime warranty available 

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Xpel (Clear bra)


XPEL Paint Protection Film features superior impact protection for whatever stands between you and the open road. Its clear coat technology offers self-healing abilities, eliminating fine swirls and scratches.


XPEL Details

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  • Standard Package (Partial Front)- Front Bumper and Mirrors
  • City Package (Full Front)- Front Bumper, Hood, Fender, Mirrors
  • Total Coverage Package (Full Car)- All painted surfaces and mirrors

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